Checklist for an Online interview


Though this is not the comprehensive list. Through this article, I have tried to jot down a few points that would help you to get through the online interview. I suggest to use this checklist to ensure the personal interview experience is not lost during this era of never ending online interviews 

Eye contact is essential. Look straight at the camera. Don’t look at the screen directly. It will appear as though you are making eye contact with your partner when you are too far away from the camera. You will also be able see their facial expressions.

Before answering, repeat the question. Online confusion can easily arise.

Answer the same way as usual and keep in mind the STARR method.

Ask questions. Ask questions about, for example, the job description or how the organization deals with the current situation relating to the coronavirus.

Ask about the next steps and what a possible induction period would look like during a coronavirus crisis at the end of your interview.

During the interview

Do not use the speakerphone

Do not eat, chew gum or drink too much water.

If you have to cough, sneeze or wipe your nose, say “pardon me” and turn off your microphone.

Keep your answers brief (less than 90 seconds).

Express yourself with your voice and face

Focus on the camera and not the screen.

If there are technology problems, remain calm