Top tunes to listen before the interview

Music can help you change your mentality and mindset. Many people feel anxious, stressed, or even have panic attacks as soon as they walk into a job interview. Music can help you relax, boost your confidence, and give you a lift of energy. Here are the Top 10 songs you can jam out to.

  1. Don’t stop me now – Queen

There are so many positive words that can help you shift your outlook. You’re a race car, a shooting star or a tiger and ready to tackle the job interview. The simple words, “Don’t stop me now cause I am having fun”, will change the way you view the interview. It’s going to be a great time and you won’t let anyone stop you from landing the job.

  1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Everyone hears this song and thinks of “Rocky,” a movie about a fictional boxer who strives to beat Creed.

You are the one who falls on hard times but perseveres because you believe in your ability to survive. It is about more than just survival instincts. It’s about living your dream. You have to fight for it, and that fight is the job interview.

  1. Keep believing – Journey

Ok. It’s a song about two people meeting and falling in love. You can also think of it like you and the job interview you want so badly. The title, “Don’t Stop Believing”, is the best place to focus. Believe in yourself. The job and you are compatible. Both of you are curious about one another. Keep believing in yourself, and keep that feeling going during the interview.

  1. Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia

This song gives you the power to feel invincible. Through trials and tribulations you go, but no matter how many bullets you receive, they don’t make you weaker. You stand up again, and the bullets start ricocheting from your bulletproof vest. Why? Your bulletproof vest is made of titanium. Do not let people or words define you. Be superman at that interview. Allow them to ask questions, even negative ones. Turn it around and make it positive.

  1. Stronger – Kanye West

Perhaps the lyrics are not meant to be taken literally. The pop beat is just one part of what makes this song a great pump song. The song is about how even if you make mistakes in a job interview, it will only make your character stronger. It is a song that can boost your self-confidence, but Kayne West’s arrogance should not be displayed in an interview.

  1. Queen: We Will Rock You

This song can be heard at almost any sporting event: American football, European football, you name it. What is the reason for this? This song gets you physically involved. This is a simple song, but it’s a great song to let the world know that you are awesome at everything, even your job. They will be amazed at your talent!

  1. Eminem – Till I Collapse

Sometimes you may feel discouraged. It is possible to apply for many jobs, and feel discouraged if you are rejected multiple times. You don’t want to give in. You just have to find the inner strength to keep going and not give in. Keep going until you get the job or your dream job. Listen to music before you go to a job interview. Eminem says it best in this song: “Music is magic, there’s a feeling you get. When you’re real, you spit, and people feel your shit. This is your moment, and every minute you spittin’, try to hold on to it ’cause it may never happen again!

  1. The Flying Wheelchair (jig) Irish Fiddle

This song will lift you up. It’s simple, but it’s great. This tells us to never give up because we are the best. Because you are able to be great, and only you can say this. You have the endurance. This is possible. Why? Because you worked hard to get there, you are the best. It’s that simple.

  1. We Are the Champions – Queen

After hearing the Queen song “We will Rock you”, you’ll be compelled to listen to “We are the Champions”. It’s a beautiful song about acknowledging the mistakes of the past, but still being a champion. Why? You are proud of the results of your efforts. You were invited to interview for a job. You want to thank your loved ones for their love and support over the years. You will still need to work hard to achieve your goal. You will win the race, and you will be the champion of all champions.

  1. Eminem – Lose Yourself

Although the soundtrack to “8 Mile” is powerful, this song stands out. This song can give you anxiety, or help you get in the right frame of mind for the job interview. This job interview is your chance to get the job. The song can be applied to job interviews. It is normal to be nervous before a job interview. Despite your nervousness, you can appear calm and prepared even though your inner turmoil is causing you to shake. You may choke. You might fail. You might fail. But, you’ll get up again because failure isn’t an option. What is the best way to win? You can win by following the music and the moment.

Which do you think? Which songs are you listening to to boost your confidence in job interviews?