10 Things to Do before an Interview

There are no magic formulas that will explain how you feel during an interview. These are not foolproof strategies that will make you an instant success. It isn’t easy, I know. Some strategies can help boost brain activity and improve metal health. These strategies can be used to improve our behavior or monitor it.

Here are 10 ways to get rid of your interview nerves.

Prepare for common questions by doing research

Research the company, their interview process, and the types of questions they like to ask. Use sites such as Glassdoor to research. It is a best practice answering these questions as well as other interview questions such “Tell us about yourself” or “Tell us about a time when. The key to answering these questions is not to memorize them.

Prepare for worst case Scenario

You prepare for the worst case scenario in his 1948 book “How to Stop Worrying And Start Living.” This strategy is based on an example from Willis Carrier who was the founder of modern air-conditioning.

Dry run

Commute to your interview location one week prior to your scheduled time. This will allow you to get to know the route well and plan your travel time accordingly.

Take a snack on the way!

Reducing your caffeine intake by half on the day of your interview in order to avoid jitters. She also suggests eating natural beta-blockers such as bananas, almonds and oatmeal. These foods can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and slow down your heart rate.

Meditate Consciously

You don’t need to be a yogi in order to benefit from meditation before an important interview. Meditation can be as easy as closing your eyes and taking slow deep breaths. Then, visualize yourself crushing the interview.

Listen to Music every now and then

From research, it is well documented that music releases dopamine and other happy hormones. One will reach a state of free flow with the right kind of music. So never forget to listen to the music of your liking. This will help you not only to be your best self but also it tackles the nervousness built upon before the interview.

Try a power pose

You might consider doing a power pose, which calls a ducking in the toilet before you go to interview.

You are your best friend

Although pep talks are common in locker rooms, they can be very useful just before going to a job interview. Be sure to keep your talk out of the earshots of others.

Admit you’re nervousness

It can make things worse if you are nervous about an interview.

Do not be too quick

Be interested and not just interesting. You will find it easier to navigate the discussion, as you are less likely to get lost in your own thoughts.